Endless Date


Endless Date

I got plenty of prana left
For an older man,
My friends are losing their teeth,
But I feel like I just began,
God kept me young, I guess,
Because I’m a slow learner,
Overly romantic;
A red blooded burner,

I spook the Phillies
But run much faster
I pull them down
While averting disaster,
It’s become more desperate
That I not be late,
For the true love dynasty
Of our endless date.


Likewise, I’m Sure


Likewise, I’m Sure

The shadows of night lift,

The first wisps of day
Cast their fragile stroke across the blackness,

The sky lightens to deep purple,

The stars close their eyes to sleep,

The first birds begin their praises,

When existence came into being,
As the initial awakening occurred,
It was not a shout that exploded from
The nothing of God,

It was not brazen coronets echoing
Beyond the glistening cascade,

It was not an infinite “OM” vibration still billowing

It was not the bellowing of anti-dimensional

It was not God desiring to know himself,

It was the heartbreak of a lover,
Likewise, I’m sure.


One Thing Required


One Thing Required

Many have tried to deconstruct him,
To break him down,
To compartmentalize him
To pigeon hole him

Many have drawn from ancient texts
Pointed out contradictions and discrepancies,
Formed leagues and associations
With the specific objective being his disproval and denial

Many have gone to their deathbed assured that he cannot exist,
Governments have made him illegal
And gone so far as to prosecute, even exterminate
Those who name his name

They laugh at him nervously, nudging each others ribs and winking
In the comforting worship
Of so called free thought and contemporary ideology

Many delight in whatever tickles their ears
And run chasing the phantoms of jaded intellectual prophets
Down the primrose path to emptiness,

Many cry out, if he exists where is he?
They receive in return an echoed silence
In hallowed caverns of their deluxe craniums,

Many have listened to whispers and slander, believed it
And now not only deny, but defy him with more zeal than a believer,

Many think they will one day become him,
Or be equivalent to him, or even greater than him,

Many claim that teaching your children that he exists
Is a form of child abuse,

Many would like to scourge him, crown him with thorns
And hang him on a tree,
To prove he is just a delusion of the pathetically weak.

Many have used him, gained their gifts, then walked away,

Many feigned worship in robotic subservience to his precepts,
But never tasted the sweet anomaly that is his hidden wine,

Hey Romeo!

He is the prism from which a billion angels resonate
In ongoing polyphonies never before heard,
Yet the one who created us requires but one thing
For those dancing in the drunken courtyard,
’Neath the star swept twilight
At the wedding celebration of life,

That one thing is love,

And love is all that matters,
Nothing else does.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I went to the crowded mall at Christmas
And saw thousands of lost and lonely souls
And suddenly realized what it meant when Jesus looked out at the crowd
And was moved with pity,
The mall is the realm of deep darkness
Of which the Avatar is the only light

I said to myself,
These are not zombies. They’re not robots or drones,
They’re jivatmas,
All longing in their own way
To come home to their Creator,
All searching for that elusive happiness
Just out of sight

What could I do?
Maybe if I had a megaphone
I could stand at the top of one of the escalators
And make that time honored prophecy:

“You won’t find your happiness here,
Go home to your loved ones
And repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand,
Beg God tor his precious mercy,
Teach your family to pray to love one another,
And offer this brief stop at the waylaid station
To the King of the Universe!”

But instead I went home
And spoke with the woman next door,
Pushing 90,
She has a big snowman and an elf on either side of her door
And peeking inside I saw a stack of presents half way up the wall
And a blur of red and green sparkling from inside
And the smell of pine and artificial spray snow wafting outward,
And she brags to me how her 65 year old daughter bought her a TV for Christmas
And asks me if I want her old one, which is still good
And I realize she probably has more Christmas spirit in her pinky
Than I have in my entire body

Then I say to myself,

Hey Romeo!

Loosen up a little,
Let the people have fun,mall
Maybe that’s what God wants on his birthday
After all.





I know you hold me
In one of your fanciest compartments

I see it’s made of engraved gold and marble,
Saints and saviors are etched deeply in its walls

In the moonlight it glows with an occult charm,
In the sunlight it shines with a pristine sanctity
Prompting angels and devas to hover and stare

Outside, the violet, red and yellow wildflowers
Butterfly against the deep blue sky,
A small path leads through it’s lavish garden
To rich rosewood doors
With brass and ivory handles

Engraved in the rosewood is the following epitaph:

“Here lies Romeo
Who loved you mistakenly,
But is the better for it.”

If you ever ventured to open the doors
To this elaborate tomb
You would be shocked to discover
An empty bed made of sparkling sapphires and pearls,
And I would tap you on the shoulder from behind
And say,

“Here is Romeo
Who loves you, and always will”.





It’s probably my lack of faith
That makes me lose hope,
But faith has gotten me
Into plenty of trouble
All on it’s own,

Who says faith
Just because you have it
Always draws correct conclusions either,
Just because you have it?

If I have faith she loves me,
If I have noble intentions,
If I’m a good man, and do good things,
If I believe in myself, and believe in her,
If I believe in GOD,
And believe in hope
And believe in love,

It all means nothing but trouble and heartbreak,
If she has no faith, or love or hope
In me.