Karma Chameleon Refined


Karma Chameleon Refined

Consciousness is exploding
But infinitely slow,
That to focus slows it down more,
And to open
To rev right up and go!

I heard the boldest crack of thunder,
Makes me wonder what that
First fuckin human monkey
Must have wondered,

Are you mad at me?
I didn’t make the apple
Or the tree,

I was thrown into this universe
Like a roll of the dice
Like ice,
Like a lonesome drop of random
Unextraordinary I-ching sticks,
A tarot mirror matrimony
All in, now get your kicks,

Infect me
I’m titivated with your Masterpiece
Worn down by your gust of hair,
Avatar, the truth beware
Your swarthy musk
Purple perfumed hair
Fired by you’re superfly
Fear throttle,
The symphony of creation sings,
Thorn in the side
The I hide,
The crucifix,
The beware
The prefix
The emptiness
The suffix
The new list
The wondrous notion
That wondrous fix of a fix.

Citadels Of Awareness Augmented


Citadels Of Awareness Augmented

It’s possible to love someone
Without having sex with them,
Other than our relatives
And so in that way,
In the recognition of GOD within ourselves,
In the blossom of GOD
Lighting up the citadels of awareness,
Men may love men
And women may love women,

Abstinence from homosexuality
Never means abstinence from love,
For there are much deeper ways to love
Than through sexual pleasure,

And the answer to the puzzle, the mystery,
The riddle of being,
Is in aligning ourselves
With the meditation medallions of the beloved
Who meditates on us, in us, for us,
And through us,

Through Jesus, the Beloved Avatar,
Beloved Savior
Beloved soldier
Beloved sufferer
May we align ourselves with the truth and the light
Of the real,
To do good things for others,
Even as we struggle and bumble our way
Through the bowels of existence
In the agony and the ecstasy
In the simple processes
Of being and becoming
Our most powerful individual selves,
With allies
Here’s the wine shop
Thank the memory
With an ancient blend
Brewing slowly
Like a magic wand
By his merciful forgiveness power
Blessed be
Blessed stone cold
Blessed love,
Blessed avalanche,
Blessed name caller
Up all night with GOD
Free from suffering,
Up all night with the candle drop flame
Blue corona rainbow in the water faucet
Up all night with the universe
Sprinkling flowering star farm ardor,
And just one lonesome trickle,
One stallion, one firecracker,
One stardust, one luminary
One atom, one motion, one freedom
One forgiveness, one silence,
One mighty mighty liberty,
One essence, one kindness,
One elegance, one dignity
One scintilla, one mustard seed,
One fragrance, one fathom,
One whim,
One grain of sand
One sorrow
One crucifix
One love,
One GOD’s eternity eternally.




The wise question the tries
Who could ever endeavor
To pleasure the circular rout?

How’s won’t associate with nows
Who live behind golden gilded Dows,
In balconies
Through emerald seas,
Far above all the burning ages
In the crux of frequently fingered pages
Above all the howls and the joules
From wooden towers
Another symphony,
And the bows, and the troughs
And the owls and the bowels
And that nagging, unshakable, magical
Lingering doubt?

Would you ever endeavor
To better the bettor
Who bet on the better who
Fed off the debtor
Who leaves them all gleeful
To intricate nothingness
Drama and trauma
And fruitful young emptiness
Well far beyond
In the countdown
To the silence
To tantra
To center
To oneness
To beauty
To power
To glory
When we’re finally let into
Loving the infinite out?

The Kiss Of Judas


The Kiss Of Judas

If anyone ever asks you did I kiss
The kiss of Judas,
Tell them yes I did,

And I repented I don’t know how many times,
But never only once,

If anyone ever asks you
Did I see the gates of heaven
Tell them yes I did
With angel floods of jewel colored roses
Bursting from within,

If anyone ever asks you
Could I really ever do it,
Tell them no I wouldn’t,
Nobody knows what goes on
In the hereonasfter,
To make that crucial move,

If anyone aver asks you did I give
My soul to Allah,
Tell them yes I did…

And to Jesus
Yahweh, Johanna
And Baba,

It’s where I found the love.

Sister Moon


Sister Moon

I’m ashamed of Hercules,
And Samson was a moron,
The Great Gatsby was a stalker,
He wouldn’t be allowed to pull that shit
Today, but then again,
Money is always money,
You know how that always goes,

In the deep love of art
You get a glimpse,
Of the genuine originals
As part of the one spirit,
And therefore made
In the image and likeness of our
Own relationship with existence
And GOD apart from existence,

Relativism, secularism, humanism,
Atheism, Utopianism,
Leaning on the world
As if the world was not duplicitous,
Trusting the limitations of nouns,
All dependent on the forbidden jewel-eyed
Roped random spasmodic purple
Star thrusts into fertile eternity,
Thunder that shimmered with vibrational flaxen love,

Then he showed me my companion, finally,
Blood of my blood,
Heart of my heart,
Bone of my bone,
Sister Moon.

The Box


The Box

The scholar expounds,
His treatise is full,
Exuding the balmy airs of scholastic narcissism,
He proclaims,
“I am a scholar.
There is no God.”

A self-anointed freethinker, he states,
“The idea that “A Supreme Being” exists
Is something invented
Between the ears of human heads
And, by the way,
Is an intrinsically arrogant concept
Considering that vastness of the universe.”

Continuing, he adds,
“This all merciful “figment of humanity’s imagination”
That the ignorant adore
Hides behind the walls of war,
Peering from behind anesthetized pillars of greed,
He looks out from His window
And watches a bloodthirsty bedlamite
Blow up another thirty innocents in the street,
And lets it all happen,
Does this make any sense?”

“This Almighty Being,
That the pathetic fall prostrate before,
Turns a blind eye to famine,
A death that is not only agonizing, but shameful,
He doesn’t intercede for the horrified mother
Just learning her beloved child is gone,
Where is He, if He exists?,

“He allows terror, violence, agony, tears,
And sometimes those who sing His praises loudest
Are the worst perpetrators of these atrocities,
And in the name of God!”
The scholar shouts,
“What kind of loving Creator
Would create a world like this?

The crippled, the leper,
The deformed, the broken hearted, the betrayed,
The diseased, the dismissed,
How could any benevolent God be,
That would allow all this?

And then, this so called wonderful, loving Father
Tops it all off
By ending everything
In decay and inescapable death,

And His piteous proponents reach out in futility,
“God, God, Oh my God, look at me!”
Do people with any intelligence at all
Actually believe
That within a realm that contains over a billion galaxies,
That an all powerful God listens to them? Focuses on them”?
Entities that are infinitesimally minute scintillas of near nothing,
Minuscule cogs in a massive wheel
Endlessly grinding?
What arrogance! What folly!”
He continues,
“Why would God care about the petitions and prayers
Of a single, solitary voice? What hubris to even think so!”

“Between the ears of vulnerable people,
The concept of God is implanted,
To keep the masses in line, to make them obey,
To somehow sooth the agony,
To somehow give them hope enough, false though it may be,
To stumble and crash through
Another day, another year, another lifetime,”
Says the scholar,
Peering desperately
Into his own abyss,

But the Beloved cannot be limited so easily,
He cannot be pinned down or boxed in.
Countless have tried to describe Him,
Countless have failed,
Because the Ancient One cannot be confined
To the tiny rockets of electricity
That scatter and ricochet
Along the neuro-pathways in our skulls,
No matter how brilliant we are,
No matter how great or evil we are,
No matter how rational or scientific we are,
No matter how free thinking
We believe we are,

God exists infinities beyond what
We can ever ascertain
With our finite intellectual capacity,
He is everything, everywhere,
At all times, and in no time,
Thinking that you can measure Him
Empirically or mathematically
Is the real fairy tale,

What earthly utopianists convey is that
If “We” were God,
We would never do all these horrible things,
Or allow them to happen, or
If “We” were God
We would not waste time on people’s individual problems, hopes and prayers
When there are so many more important things in the universe
To take care of,
God is inside “My” box, I have made him “My” concept,
And since I cannot conceptualize something that exists outside of my box,
He cannot be real,

But “We” are not God,
And God cannot be confined
To the limitations of our conceptual or ideological boxes,

God is outside the box of the universe,
In fact, He juggles boxes of universes,
And universes of boxes,
And thus, does not conform to the rules, laws and mechanics
Of what exists

We are not God,
Not near to knowing His lahars and inclinations,
The consciousness of the consciousness
Of the oneness of God
Is an evolutionary leap for humankind,
Not a ”pie in the sky” theory, or mere concept,

God injected a drop of himself
Into every human,
Occasionally you see it, it’s rarely a big thing,
But it’s unmistakable,
And you know, deep within, its name is love,
Because you know there’s something true, something real,
Something beautiful about it,

You immediately comprehend
That all the tragedy is for something,
That evil is not senseless,
You see hope where there was once only sorrow,
You become refreshed, made new
By the recognition of a love
Born of an innate purity
Made of something special, something mystical,
Something divine, something ancient and wise,
Something magical, something secret,
Something like God,

The universe can’t just be any old way;
The way of life is astoundingly demanding
In its exact requirements,
The big bang happened with utmost
Precision and perfection,
A perfection in fact
That can only be born of perfection,
A perfection that is a quality of an Intelligent Architect after all,
The universe continually insists, even begs
For a divine explanation,

For the sake of love’s confounding depth
God decided it better to extract good from evil,
Than to have no evil at all,

Existence is a peerless coquette
Inside a box that breaks everyone.
Coming back from brokenness
Is a good way to describe God…




Your joy is my joy,
Your pain is my pain,
Your sun is my sun,
Your rain is my rain,

Your source is my source,
Your mutation, my mutation,
Your curse is my curse,
Your salvation, my salvation,

Your sky is my sky,
Your night is my night,
Your stars are my stars,
Your light is my light,

You tolerate my lapses,
I tolerate your lapses,
You dilate my synapses
I dilate your synapses,

Your goal is my goal
My goal is your goal,
Your soul is my soul,
My soul is your soul.