Voiceless Voices

sacred window

Voiceless Voices

We read many books and attend the finest Universities,
We receive a paper stating we’ve been sufficiently
Saturated with determinism,
We delude ourselves into thinking
Our heresies and blasphemies are fresh;
But when considered deeply,
They’re the same old, worn out protests and delineations,
Expressed repeatedly
Throughout the millennia,
And proven lacking time and again,

The modern thinkers
And contemporary ideologists proclaim:
“It’s my body and I have the right to choose
To abort my own baby if I want to”.
Is this what our generations search for truth has come to?
Is this what we now offer to the future of humanity?
Freedom to terminate en masse?

I have to ask,
What about the baby within you?
What are her rights?
Is it because she doesn’t have a voice
That she is denied life?
Who among us has stood up for the voiceless voices,
Of the helpless ones?
Of those terminated for the sake of comfort
Convenience and the materialism of “this is all there is-ism’?
Who among us has stood up for the defenseless
As is our sacred obligation?
Who of us has turned a blind eye and a blind heart?

We congratulate each other, clinking our glasses
For being so open minded and forward thinking,
So compassionate to women,
So progressive, donned with our intellectual accouterments,
We flaunt our wisdom with extra letters behind our name,
But we only show the world
And the children of tomorrow how ignorant our generation is,
And how susceptible we are to media, secular conditioning, and propaganda,
Revealing to posterity our stubbornness and hardness of heart,
With impudence,
And in the face of truth.

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