I like revolutions
Make me spin,

I’m all for the forward motion
Enthrall me,
I’m your thrifty win,

Please do use the heavy make up,
I’m your actor
Learned my lines,

You can scamper all you want to
But I’m the jokerman,
And you’re the find,

Life is so astounding
I wouldn’t want to have all of it
In my ridiculous mind,
So I delegate
I deal,

And on a good day,

I pray,

You’re not supposed to go against the grain
Your not supposed to color outside the lines,
Or make a drift
Against the true
Lucky if you dare
Lucky if you do
Applause if you do
Misery if you do,

But that’s what we’re made for,

Lucky to dare,
Lucky if you do,

You’re not supposed to shine inside my heart
Find your own heart,
Unless you like me,

Everybody knows love is invisible,
But what holds everything together,

Is this the revolution,
The switch in dimensions
That myst eyed wide state
Of disbelief?
That everything lasts forever
And we are everyone?

This is my key to heaven…

I’m a human
I’m a lark,
I’m a four leaf clover,

We’re in a prison of unending love…

We’re a song bird
We’re the jewel shine
We’re a caged Lark,

We’ve earned and deserve nothing,
Everything is a blessing, everything a gift,

We’re blessed,

As soon as we’ve earned or deserved something
We have to compare ourselves to others,

There’s no comparison,
All comparison is illusory,

We deserve to be happy?

Who’s happiness?

The work a day world’s happiness?
Money, children, power, beauty and glory?

That’s a thing,
Not a state of being,

OK, we’ll allow you to be happy,
But it has to be in alignment with
What we frame parenthesize happiness to be,

We’re in a prison of unending love,

One drop of kindness given
Is worth a whole audience universe
Of standing applause,

Lucky lady liberty,
Luck, lucky, Lady Liberty…

I’m the treasure trove
Of awareness love, sweet darling,

My job is to figure things out –
It get’s messy,
There’s pain and tragedy,

My job is to find the holy golden note,
I’m not complaining
I’m on fire,

Everything is victory!

There’s got to be blossoms in paradise
Made of thoughts that I’m thinking of you
Blessed pink with red aura waves poltergeist
Blossoming, simmering
Oversights blue,
A tribute to your new view world order,
Are the things that I love around you,
No need to be emptying anything
Got your fossil, got your scent, got your smack,
There’s just enough hope to rope everything
And just enough back to get back,
I’m your bright shiny polished found souvenir
Lost in your treasure chest name.

It’s where the sweetness is,
But ain’t where the gold is ground to blood,

It passes near the never knows,
Past the silence and the fear
I grasped and asked and basked, and cast a spell on you,
In the swollen golden
Holy monumental flood,

And GOD made you come out of me,
And he made me from mud,

I forbid you to look into
My ancient eyes
My wisest wise
My sized size,

I won’t let you relent,
My one and only,
My holy flowing lonesome running swiftly only,

Looky, looky here
Oh come all yeh faithful
There’s more than the tiger lily bower bowing here
There’s more than the fore stuff
Of Fore Furthers feathered in plums of
Leather waxing faxing,
I’m silent like an apricot,
Like a forest,
Hot like a fox to trot,

You’re after me,
As I recline in silence
Falling after me,
If you haven’t been powered and gloried before
I’d put it on my bucket list,
Nothing means anything;
And that’s a very important decision,
Anything but dying
That’s what I say!
Three cheers!
Forward! Forward! Forward!
To everlasting life multi-sparkling and faceted,
Dealing, reflected,
Hearts, clubs, trumps,
One GOD and one gorey glory story
There is no winning the lottery,
GOD is love,
Remove yourself from the long and winding
Hide and seek boogaloo down broadway list,
Time to awaken,
Time to accept
That the only thing we’ll ever get
Is the most precious thing imaginable,
So there’s no choice after all
We’re made to be free,
We’re part of the bargain bound in love
And that’s the focus of the sacred,
On the precious nature of it’s very essence,
Divine Mercy
And Divine Mercy is radiating freely
From the core of the nothing
And the core of the everything
GOD’s tithe of love unto us, humanity,
That even the angels became jealous of
But GOD is GOD
After all,
Not a bully but a radiation of pure mercy
On the button
That’s what time it is,
That’s the Master’s touch,
The body and blood,
The wine of love,

GOD prefers his nap
To all this rigamarole
He winds us up and lets us go
Wild on the table,
He perks up for novelty
He’s resurrected in the wine
Coursing through the awakening blood, the languaged, muffled
I’m one with
The universal
Yard sale
The calamity
The jewel
The precious essence,
The mojo
The masterpiece
The one love,
The find of finds,

I found this jewel
Hidden in the garbage
Spread out for all those manic rounders,
To search for, to hope for,
To steal, to rule,
To discover and make use of,
Hidden somewhere within the dirty briefs
Over there
Beyond the treasure,
Beyond the extra special measure
Beyond the star’s sunlight
Beyond the ostentatious lamp of gold,
Beyond the raspberry sprinkling of amethyst
Cast aside
On the table,
A jewel,
A pearl,
A whim,
A ghost
A treasure,

I foresaw it’s special beauty
And wonder,
I proclaimed it as my own
While everyone else
Considered it a valueless fairy tale,
Strewn amongst the nothingness
Left out for the flies
And the sun,
At the picnic,
Available to dogs,

I’ve gone within,

Within and without
I fell upon the silent stream
We’re all just lucky guys,
I guess,

The sun’s sure shining down,
As we go the rings around
The centerverse,
I think that you should know
We’ve all been shown the show
To show
The tiny sweetness that emits
The tender known approval magic mountains,
Rocks and worlds –
All in just one kiss,
I am your’s,
Adi Shakti,
All to Jesus
As an act of God,
And not a paltry, squirming slimy
Rotten death,

I found the masters lock on everything
Overlooked, considered fools gold,
Cast aside,
I turned the key

And now wistfully I ride

And ride and ride,

At the end of the day
When all is said and done,
At the close of the eyes
In pure lullaby tidy lies the love
And how time flies and flies and flies
To reinstate hope
To resurrect dignity
Where these pathless paths
Have all glistened and saddened,
Once broken,
Learn to accept to become
Mongrels before the sweet, pure, infinite sunrise,
Bearing witness,
To the unquestionably divine radiance
In magical, mystical, merciful, maniacally,
Emerging flower arrayed angled in love,

Finally living alone
After 27 years
Of living with a lonesome self
Who has a tendency to complain
Who doesn’t wear his hat out in the rain,
Balding head,
A diplomacy, a punishment, a mediocrity
In the spotlight
Dancing before the universe
And hoards of magnetic angelic majesties
From outer realms,
Who make brief occasions of surfacing
To forecast yet another love,
To bring meandering rag muffin soul
Down and out of the holy holy hole,
Lowly girl,

Whom he took into his heart
And gave her name a home
And called it love,

For crying right out too the unbutressed loud!

You’re gonna catch me aren’t you?
You’re gonna snuggle right up like love
Aren’t you?

You’re gonna give me peaches without you,
Or some such other foreign fortune
Doubt you,

When the jimmy jasper
Becomes the alabaster,
And the fortune tooth all is thus floral now
Fortune sooth sun section unrecognized,

My high wired engine
Puts to bed the quest
Through the wilderness,

If you ain’t seen me I’m your alibi,
Your forked tongue speak,
Luke recognize,

High on another planet labeled infinite,
Clearing traffic jams,
Nothing is emptiness
Winning passage scams,


For a long time I thought
I was the only thing that existed,
Trailblazing is a lonely profession,
Then it came around to you,
You were a flame,
You had a hued blue corona
All those things
I had triumphed and resisted
All came down to you,
You desired my soul,
And when temptations burden
Thrilled the rest of me, and dances lifted,
I was still your lonesome sojourner
As I will always be,
In search for you,
My lonely, mousey little mystery,
My sister,
My one and only Mother Mister,

Not until you’ve been bewitched
Have you really been bewitched;
Bewitched by the mix
Of any witch’s
Missioned wish at all
To haunt and fix,
I bow to the dawn of humankind,

To the awakening of love…divine,

I broadcast success
You salted swashbuckler
You charmed illuminant
There’s no more time for failure,

She drove me brilliant
She was my everything
She was my flower garden
She was my scent of hair
She was my forethought, after hours,
Star pride, lumineer
She’s my Venus calls,
My Hail Mary
My Joan of Arc,
My Alice
Through my new wonder-walk
My angel, my tongued lark,
Deep inside my heart,
That gets down to the roots
Of the back
Of sinus nostril veins harsh,
Those horseradish roots
Where roots where first formed
Reformed First Church Methodist
Rewind rebound,
Branded in Catholic tattooed,
From the first star dust snort
Those roots could’ve been froze,
It wouldn’t mattered,
Old stock from Virginia,
Virginia USA, wouldn’t mattered,
Plant the back a you spine down
In that glitz,
Hey up,
Round and round she whips
But nobody knows where she ever gets
And nobody knows where she woulda flow flowed,

You’re my Lady,
My Guadalupe
You’re my act of GOD,
You’re my prison chained with tears
You’re my last debacle
Your my lion fire
My universe
My jaguar
My morning star,
You’re my Mona Lisa
And my Lisa Mona,
You’re my rosary,

Lady liberty!
Luck, Lucky, Lady Liberty!

The Puzzle of puzzles
The Ghazal of ghazals
Life is a game of diminishing delusions
With a crack of reality right up you know
Where the sun don’t shine,
Just where you don’t want the remind remind,
Just as a friendly reminder; Ace,
Sleeve Religion Love, God,
Santa Claus will laugh
But there’s that elf inside,
Trying to drive on blindly
When I’m right here,
Advising, confiscating, witnessing….
Nudging, wheeling

Writing poems…

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