Arthur Rimbaud


Arthur Rimbaud

You should have known,
Mad genius as you are, not having yet lived,
That “beauty” was never more
Than a hauntingly, deceitful temptress,
And that by abusing her,
She would one day have her revenge,

You should have understood,
As a master escape artist,
That justice would some day conquer you,
Even if you wielded a treasure of arms,
And hid in unknown realms,

You should have realized,
That running away was never an option,
That the soothsayers and witches
Would promise you the world
In exchange for your precious soul’s individuality,
Then leave you alone in stark, suffocating emptiness,
Howling at the moon,

You should have been aware,
Having an intellect that rivals the Seraphim,
That by leaving “hope”
Out in the open;
The famished, shadowed entities
Would devour it on sight.

You should have been frightened
When languishing under the executioners blade
And laughing like a psychopath,
That crime and plague, misery, and wallowing in filth
Would not redeem you, or set you free,
And that insanity could never be out guessed,

You should have figured out,
As a master detective of the human soul,
That “infinite love” was the key,
The first time it was offered to you
In the meadow,
On that mystical, amethyst dawn
In June,

You should have comprehended,
Inheritor of every blessing imaginable,
That the prince of abomination;
The avatar of lies,
Is in no way sweet,
That surrendering to darkness
Because light is too hard,
And willfully succumbing to both defeat and death,
Is what turned your heart to stone,
You should have known.

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