Falling Short


Falling Short

If I had the Clarity of St. Paul
The Wisdom of Solomon,
The Simplicity of St. Teresa of Lisieux
The Courage of Joan of Arc
The Trust of St. Faustina Kowalska,
The Knowledge of St. Thomas Aquinas
The Chastity of St. Augustine
The Fortitude of Mother Teresa
The Faith of St. Bernadette
The Obedience of Padre Pio
The Kindness of St. Francis
The Humility of St. Anthony
The Hope of St. Monica
The Insight of St John of the Cross
And the Compassion of Mary, mother of God,

And if I had the Love
Of the anonymous “sinful woman”
Who bathed Jesus’s feet with her tears,
Wiped them with her hair,
Showered them with her kisses,
Then anointed them with oil
When at Simon the Pharisees’ party,

I would still fall short
(But not by much)
Of exemplifying
The purity and magnitude of the Lord’s Infinite Mercy
For us all…

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