Wisdom #484


Wisdom #484

Being married to wisdom means
Wisdom can be our only love,
Jealous as she’s become,

Any involvement with the world
Is a betrayal of our oath,
Our promise, our allegiance,
Our unswerving commitment
To her white light,
Deep beyond the starlight deepened vines
And burgundy wines
She summons me,
And I attend
Her penitential dark night,
With her judges, patriarchs, prime-ministers
And kings,
Who kneel down upon her fateful mat;
Where solemn, dire entities
Of Solomon’s furthest unknowns
Recline singing,

Imminent is the sweet sweet dawn,
Stealthily, slowly
She dissolves,
Particle by particle
Seeping in through the walls,
The veils,
Notion by infinite notion,
The shrines of blackness are displaced
And we are flooded
Bathed, illuminated,
Awakened, inculcated;

A sudden, hopeful brushstroke
Of sunglow atop indigo;

A humble, irrepressible puja,
A dhuni blaze,

A salutation,
A bequeathal,
A betrothal,
A resurrection,
A summoning

A saturation

To a new day,
To a new dawn

Unto her impossible masterpiece.

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