Sunshine Vest


Sunshine Vest

When I finally come to my dying day
Will I say goodbye to me
Or stay
To droop along
On the honey hocks
Or will I muscle up and go around
The paths that make me play
Along the long along,
And roll the ball that day
Like Sisyphus I hear you say
Or if I silent sound sourced magnificence
To be the cosmic calling calling call
Something someone guessed,
I never planned
This wondrous sunshine vest,
This universe
To be in me
This wine and blood
This graveyard
This rising
This resurrection
This famous
This nothingness…

The waves roll
The snow clears
And we’re on the crest
Never fear, never rest
The side show is lame here
The bars close
The sky clears
The range yellows
The fruit frees
You’re rainbows,
You’re the jewels of peace.

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