Karma Chameleon Refined


Karma Chameleon Refined

Consciousness is exploding
But infinitely slow,
That to focus slows it down more,
And to open
To rev right up and go!

I heard the boldest crack of thunder,
Makes me wonder what that
First fuckin human monkey
Must have wondered,

Are you mad at me?
I didn’t make the apple
Or the tree,

I was thrown into this universe
Like a roll of the dice
Like ice,
Like a lonesome drop of random
Unextraordinary I-ching sticks,
A tarot mirror matrimony
All in, now get your kicks,

Infect me
I’m titivated with your Masterpiece
Worn down by your gust of hair,
Avatar, the truth beware
Your swarthy musk
Purple perfumed hair
Fired by you’re superfly
Fear throttle,
The symphony of creation sings,
Thorn in the side
The I hide,
The crucifix,
The beware
The prefix
The emptiness
The suffix
The new list
The wondrous notion
That wondrous fix of a fix.

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