Citadels Of Awareness Augmented


Citadels Of Awareness Augmented

It’s possible to love someone
Without having sex with them,
Other than our relatives
And so in that way,
In the recognition of GOD within ourselves,
In the blossom of GOD
Lighting up the citadels of awareness,
Men may love men
And women may love women,

Abstinence from homosexuality
Never means abstinence from love,
For there are much deeper ways to love
Than through sexual pleasure,

And the answer to the puzzle, the mystery,
The riddle of being,
Is in aligning ourselves
With the meditation medallions of the beloved
Who meditates on us, in us, for us,
And through us,

Through Jesus, the Beloved Avatar,
Beloved Savior
Beloved soldier
Beloved sufferer
May we align ourselves with the truth and the light
Of the real,
To do good things for others,
Even as we struggle and bumble our way
Through the bowels of existence
In the agony and the ecstasy
In the simple processes
Of being and becoming
Our most powerful individual selves,
With allies
Here’s the wine shop
Thank the memory
With an ancient blend
Brewing slowly
Like a magic wand
By his merciful forgiveness power
Blessed be
Blessed stone cold
Blessed love,
Blessed avalanche,
Blessed name caller
Up all night with GOD
Free from suffering,
Up all night with the candle drop flame
Blue corona rainbow in the water faucet
Up all night with the universe
Sprinkling flowering star farm ardor,
And just one lonesome trickle,
One stallion, one firecracker,
One stardust, one luminary
One atom, one motion, one freedom
One forgiveness, one silence,
One mighty mighty liberty,
One essence, one kindness,
One elegance, one dignity
One scintilla, one mustard seed,
One fragrance, one fathom,
One whim,
One grain of sand
One sorrow
One crucifix
One love,
One GOD’s eternity eternally.

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