The Balance


The Balance

The world has two sides,
It’s a binary existence,
The binary makes the drumbeat, the rhythm,
The heartbeat,
From a distant ancient conga
Town square gala
Dance trance hootenanny cabaret,

The dark and the light,
The zero, the one,
The left side, the right side,
The moon and the sun,
The ida, the pingala,
The yin and the yang
The new and primeval,
Both random and planned,

The indubitable flip side,
Breathe in and breathe out,
The systolic, the diastolic,

And so it goes pulsing,
Night and day – night and day,

The balance depends on the counter balance
To exist, endlessly teetering on non-existence,
Inertia spouts a radiant plethora
Of infinite transfiguration,
Of which GOD is both sacred
And shorn
Beyond equilibrium’s urgent glass bead grok,
Void of number, or any conceivable description,
Void of duality,
One heart, one NAME,
One GOD, one love,
Bud-a-bing, bud-a-boom, bud-a-bam.

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