Some Of The Super Powers Granted Through God’s Light


Some Of The Super Powers Granted
Through God’s Light

Some of the super powers granted through
God’s light are,

The ability to recognize and take responsibility for,

One’s own arrogance,
One’s own wrong assumptions,
One’s own lust,
One’s own fickle desires,
In addition to
One’s steadfast flirtation with
The transient trinkets
Of the mundane realm,

As well as
Recognizing in others,

Their true beauty
Their innate divinity,
Their fortitude,
How they’ve sacrificed,
How they’ve loved,
Reminding ourselves of any good
They have done,

And finally,
To remember the good things
We ourselves have done,
In the forgiveness of our oppressors,
In the love of our enemies,
In the standing up
For those who can’t stand up for themselves,
And in the serving of the Jesus
That dwells within each other,

We are the salt of the earth,
When salt loses its flavor,
It’s trampled under foot,

Everyone is suffering,
And in great need
Of the super hero miracle master manifesting
From the fountain of love inside us all.

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