I’d probably be a Marxist,
Except I have a proclivity
To cherish the magnanimity
Of the one true God,

Perhaps an atheist,
Except there is too much
We don’t know,
And I prefer ancient, cumulative wisdom
To modern day, flash in the pan “know it all ism”,

Or maybe an anti theist,
Except religion is a means to an end,
Or a beginning,
And is only a tool to get there,

Just as science is only a tool
To achieve something, some knowledge,
Or some modicum of imagined control,

Bad science can lead to very bad things,
And so can bad religion,
But why throw the baby out with the bath water?
Take the good of each, merge them,
And something astounding unfolds in balance,

Most everyone agrees;
God’s mercy is bountiful…

It’s his justice
We all have a problem with,
And are reluctant to acknowledge,

We’re all given tickets
To traverse the great ocean of fire,
And the ticket is called our life,

Only infinite awareness in it’s many garbs,
And the word made flesh, made manifest,
Through the great spirit that imbues all things

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