Open Vestiture Blues


Open Vestiture Blues

I was never one
For opening my shirt up
A little, so women
Can get a brief glimpse
Of my harry, animal chest.
Too modest, or something like that,
But I genuinely appreciate it
When a woman reveals her sexuality to me,
Which is always,

So today I did it because
I’m a little horny anyway,
And because I wondered
If it would have any affect
On a woman, just for my own curiosity,
Well something was affecting them,
I think when a woman looks at a man,
In order to save time
Because she’s very efficient,
She sees an amalgam of pluses and minuses, instantly,
To determine whether or not
He is compatible material;
Whether or not he’s capable
Of being worthy of some precious maya,
Whether or not his spiral
Will spiral inside them,
And this registers to her
On a subconscious level,
This may or may not
Register in her consciousness as “attraction”,
Depending on her own exact situation
As regards just about everything,

Today started with a big plus;
With my somewhat open collared chest –
But when they saw my baggy pants
From losing so much weight,
They dropped me,

But, the open collar
With that manly hair
And those plastic rosary beads?
Now what woman could resist that?

As he sashes down the mall kingdom
Beyond Lord & Taylors and GNC,
“I’m open for business!”
Please sign up for me, my companion,
I long to be your most devoted ally,
I knew you
Or will know you,
I recognize you,

Don’t you recognize me?
We have something of each other’s
We need to exchange
If not in this lifetime,
Then in some other realm
Unbeknownst to us,
I vote now!
I’m just trying to figure out
A successful way to meet you,
Without scaring you,
When I walked through the Mall
Today, I couldn’t believe it,
The women seemed really interested,
I haven’t been looked at like that
In a long time,
I mean from all the way
Across the Mall,
Like I was some kind of a Casanova, or something,
I’m not lying,
But I just walked straight through it all,
Since I’ve lost this weight
It’s a whole new world,

I think that through spiritual lovemaking
I’ve acquired a few of your powers,
Like people being able to see how beautiful you are;
People being able to love you right away,
I put you way up on a pedestal,
Because I truly believe you belong there,
I know there must be lots of reasons
Why you need to say “no” to me,

I have Catholicism imprinted on my soul,
An ancient tattoo of Holy wine,
I can’t look at a woman, well,
Let’s just say
That any possible thoughts of courting a woman
And “marriage” are irretrievably intertwined,
And this
Unfortunately scares most woman away these days,
Too much too soon,
And I become my own
Worst enemy,
Only you know,
But you can’t tell me,
Or think you’ve already told me enough,
If your “no” is still law
Or if laws can ever change…

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