Matters Concerning Flowers


Matters Concerning Flowers

Think I better launch into the wondrous –
Self re-administrate the fundamentalist survival codex
Make sure everything is succinctly written
And in a cogent manner,
Whisper love replacement therapy
In hope’s most tolerant ear,
Have a few more déjà vu’s before we hit the freeway
Peer beyond the blue pineal core,
As if we had a voice in matters concerning flowers
Those glistening panoramic waltzing sunshine majesties,
Sourcing beauty’s bounteous epicentral ardor,
If you need to call it art,
The wild fiery sapphire vineyard star farm fountain redeemer,
Rocketing, quaking, unbinding,
Corona white arc dawn unbridled violet,
Ardent focused anguished ancient endless depth,
Manic cortège inebriate cosmic dancing destined believers,
Brilliant unrelenting fervor consummate adoration,

Drama, splendor,

Or whatever it takes
To magnify the wine…

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