Happy Trails


Happy Trails

I found your secret place
That said, “He who enters,
Relinquish all hope,”

So I’m rolling the dice,
I’m guessing,
I’m believing,
I’m envisioning,
I’m trying to make the illusion of reality
Pertinent, real,

I’m trying to change creation’s mind,

Desiring clarity,
I resorted to flipping a coin,

Should I continue with my hopes,
Dreams and resurrections – Heads,
Or should I respect your expressed wishes
And not intrude on your life,
And quit trying to pursue you
In hopes that you’ll change your mind  – Tails,

It was a penny,
I prayed,

To Jesus, Mary and Meher Baba
For guidance, from the deeps of my heart;
Also flipped,

I shook it up in my cupped, clasped palms
As it rattled around decoding my lines,

I prayed more,

May today ever be your reward
And not your disappointment,
As today I say with determination, conviction,
And quite a bit more understanding:

Happy trails,

Until we meet again…

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