Everybody stays real calm
Everybody floats along
Everybody watches words
Everybody bangs the gong

Everybody wants the juice
Everybody takes a sip
Everybody ties the noose
Everybody clacks the click

Everybody wants it cool
Everybody has the gift
Everybody plays the fool
Everybody cracks the rift

Everybody talks the game
Everybody has a plan
Everybody stakes the claim
Everybody sells the brand

Everybody pulls it out
Everybody hates the sin
Everybody casts the doubt
Everybody holds it in

Everybody wants the job
Everybody likes the treat
Everybody pays the price
Everybody makes it sweet

Everybody cracks the whip
Everybody signs the deal
Everybody takes the hit
Everybody rips the seal

Everybody wonders why
Everybody hacks the grid
Everybody links the mind
Everybody listens in

Everybody says they’re there
Everybody has to pry
Everybody blows a kiss
Everybody says good-bye.

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