Where the oracles of Apollo
Stream in unending array,
And minds bleed their crimson signature
On the parchments of a new day,
Where brazen coronet’s of revelation’s dawn
Pound out in anti-dimensional lore
The unbridled militia of light,
The apomixis of our Soul

Saint Teresa of Avila
You would have made a great hacker!
Surfing the net of pure being,
Cascading down the anamorphic freeway
Surrendering at the gate of the Beloved,
Receiving the holy synaptic wine
Traversing the galactic aorta
To the inner sanctum of your Majesty

This blaze of longing – its fiery, beatific loop
Endlessly repeating in glorified Fusion;
In sacred, golden, gleaming, infinite integers dawning
Firing haphazardly out
Into the blackened corollaries of reason,
Firing out like desperate suns in the purple ocean of Eternity

In the name of serotonin, norepinephrine
And the holy dopamine,
We have received our calling
And are the mutant engines screaming,
We decipher, squander and enrich the code
We make for a hardy, prolific strain
We will not suffer for naught.
We will not be diluted by the will to survive
We are crouched and ready on the endless precipice of survival
Gazing into Eternity
We are the sons and daughters of courageous, unimpeachable love,
Our warped sword forges a new frontier that many will follow
And the paths there are emblazened for His Further Glory

The pineal is the flower
Dimethyltryptamine the buzzing bee,
The dripping nectar holds the sweetness
Of a thousand merging suns

Illuminating 18,000 worlds
In infinite nourishment of the one soul, this
Which has no measure
Yet measures all

Hail! The psychedelic volunteers!
Whose crucified consciousness heals the Wounds of the world,
Hail! The ones awake in the garden still
Bearing the cortical crown of humanities’ thorns,
Scourged by God’s redemptive incarnation,
Nailed to existence for existence sake,
The humbled heart bears the rosebud brand
Of Eternal Magnificence
Ever glorified in paradise
By the miracle trail
Of His rainbowed hand…

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