Ruby Shoes


Ruby Shoes

A click, a press, a prayer,
A resurrection,

A Frank Sinatra,
To everyone that ever
Says hey to me ever again,

Have a nice day America, America,
Taxonomy and nomenclature
Graduated New York, New York wine,

Don’t judge a flower by it’s bafflement,
There’s other wonderful’s to bouquet
It’s for it’s very saintly blessing
That God has asked us to be free,
Practically nothing,
Whatever wisdom that might sprout and spree
A taste of all the long lost lonely ‘forget me nots’
That maxed the maxing sinsemilla,
Hardy bitching from the stump,
An infinite bouquet
A reckless wild ride with stars and roses,
Amplified and ringing true Virginia,
A song
Where all your dreams are ever remembered
And ever answered,
Despite the sinking ship
We’ll get you out
My precious darling,
My wondrous love
Enjoy your stay
Enjoy your ride,
Make my day
Make me cry,
Hear me pray

Love my love…

Everybody’s walking around like they got it figured out,
Yeah sure.

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