Max Maximum


Max Maximum

And here’s to you
Max sojourner
On open roads, in honey nods,
In nectar nodes
On power trips
Through night’s vast and endless
Hinter winter wonder-folds,
Of un-lived love
On inner heights
With higher pearls
Great daffodils
Our winning game
Aged beige and wined
Long lasting strained
All proper primed,
All money pure unto you, my charm;
My soul’s one and only
Candy-box of rain,
My chum, my chick, my harlequin
My ‘cry me a river’
Down ‘sink or swim’,
My heart throb’s never ending Beauregard,
My Guinevere
Mr Humperdinck,
My honey bump, my soul within,
My cutie pie,
My never fail,
My never fold
My glory pin
My inner deal
My savior
My make it clear
My moon dust
My dynamite
My ‘make it fly’
My alibi
My silent, lonesome thirst for love
In love’s deep and never ending
Wisdom spiraling hyper-spun
Wedding kiss,
Holy ghosted beyond star’s morning
And here’s to you my awesome lonely dove,
Deep younger wonder why
And the open road of never ever dies
It’s in the way the nectar’s druthers
Drips and drops
The drop’s that sprite the silence
Truthful blue,
Past night’s eternal storm elixir fly,
Spread light’s veiled eternal ocean hue
Of fountained love full of storm, I climb;
A throated, unctuous, spurious tune;
A soul thrilled lullaby,
A master mastering
That streams right through
The very will of GOD;
The ancient never ending
Falls for you,
Makes you cry my dear,
My infinity
My magnitude
My sacred flame
My philosophy
My inner ‘have no fear’,
Max sojourner,
My sunshine
Max Maximum.

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