Let Freedom Ring 2


Let Freedom Ring 2

It’s kind of like magic
A chance sprung
It’s sealed with a kiss
Painfully arbitrary
It goes without saying
If I had it in a bottle
I’d give to you some,
Like magic,
Happy happenstance
Memory of a former lifetime
Mojo rising,
In all the way,
Liquid tear drops,
It’s in the way that you use it,
It comes and it goes,
Will, intent, laser focus
Blood, sweat and tears,
Love potion number nine,
Déjà vu
Hang in there and hold on to,
Random chance
Hope, prayer, karma, kundalini,
Adi Shakti, grace of God
You tell me
Lucky as a leprechaun
I know
And charming as a new life,
Holy Spirit
Great Spirit
Keep up,
Let freedom ring,
Have we escaped?
Can we move in,
Can we move on
What’s the first thing you feel
The first thing you say
The first taste
The sense
The want
The first thing you recognize,
The floral array
Your mind’s a diamond eye
There’s an intrepid rainbow fire inside,
A true form diamond old fashioned
Crazy thoughts on love,
Takes it’s toll on sanity
I suppose there’s ultra fifty billion people in the
Universal sandboxed playpen, nightly
All beautiful wined and dined in ecstasy
A fable, a fairy
With hair all red
And proof inside,
My mind has been jailbroken
Through the dust of love;
I feel the need for speed
To let it go
Just to say so,
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah,
You’re gonna win
Any day
Any way now
You’re my diamond
You’re my violin
You’re my soft-spoken
You’re my lost star
You’re my truth within,
I’m your lost cause,
I’m your crucifix
I’m you’re axle-rod
I’m your petrous rock,
I’m your ball peen
You’re my box of rain
I’m your hari-kiri,
I’m your first tear,
I’m your pantomime
I’m you’re alibi,
I’m your radar,
In urgent need of oneness come
Through majesty,
Your inner gaze,
Your deep insist;
To rearrange the tempos
And the limbos
Of your sweetness eye,
Zero gravity
Long time sunshine rise,
Beauty in,
That pure core higher oneness come
Inner buddha charm,
That galant lark,
That cross to bear
That lucky run,
Between the wisdom and the legalese,
I bow as if a slave
Unto the magic and the thunder of –
God’s precious love.

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