Bhakti Bhaktiman


Bhakti Bhaktiman

It’s a beautiful day,
How do I eradicate arrogance
Without God
Getting a little rough;
Resorting to the belt sometimes,
If you want to take a walk with me,
Lace my shoes,
I’ll tell you where
The real Bhakti Bhaktiman might be found,

Mojo rise up?

He’s headed to the silver lake
Through silent fox-ways westward bound,
He’s mellow in the golden Sun;
The sweetest place you’ll ever find,
The world is filled with so many drops
And so many drops remain,
The universe is a wonder
Of wonderful soul wrenching riffs –
A masterful vibrating myth,
Existence itself –
Vibrational, symphonic, selectively wound,
Like an angel filled, not to end,
Moon drenching kiss,
If I exist, if I exist at all
On the wings of a hundred billion
Augmented hummingbirds humming a rhapsody,
On the wings of a snow white dove flown from Camelot,
My silence
My legacy
That rain drop
That recognize
That holy name
That palace
That mainline
That catalyst,
That crucify
That mind fuck
That epiphany
That praise lark,
That golden rock,
That Holy Grail
That wine cup,
That moonbeam
That Gethsemane
That Amethyst.

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