We’re here,
We might as well gobble up God,
So as to say Grace,
That’s why we’re putzing around
Down square one
In the first place,
Don’t be bashful…
God holds a secret place in his heart of hearts
For his gamblers, con artists and risk takers;
Shooters of moons,
For those hungry enough to take a chance,
To roll the dice someday,
To say something,
To pay the price
Naughty or nice,
GOD wants to be courted and sparked,
Maybe, swindled, one might hide;
Very much amused
By our little flirtations and foreplays,
Quite the aficionado of novelty;
Quite a connoisseur of clever surprises,
Wanting us to claim our own swagger,
To have a little confidence sometimes,
If we just sit here, lallygagging,
Hoping we’ll just get served,
He may, or he may not come,
But as is the predilection of yin,
He prefers that we put it all on the line, and go,
If only to make sure, if only as a test,
If only for one time,
Or an unanswered prayer,
Or an unwritten karma
With a past due claim,
If only for the sake of being,
If only without having to ask,
If only for a full course feast
Of infinite delicacies
Catered by angel cake angels
As the dresser of words
At the wedding feast of the beloved eternal,
With maximum juice; a spritzing étouffée,
Flooding spaces flooded vacant
From withdrawal from sensate indulgences unspoken,
Synaptic bouquets of the rarest and finest
Of crackling infinite white pearl
Dripping bitter sweet wines,
Glistering punch drunk powerful
Souvenirs of pseudo-spiritualistic, self-aware red dalliance,
Tickled by the pixies of darwinian myopathy,
Inundated with ungrateful funeral pyre symbiopathy,
Sparkling feathers and swirls
Fades ambrosia’s stained glass amethyst daughter –
Unthinkably awoken by violability,
Insistently fountaining stunning photo voltaic eulogies
Prismatically rubric like diamond eye rocket ricochets,
Looking for new end sparks
Primping new prismatic rainbow ambrosias
In wild eyes,
An ever deepening mystic awakening,
In every holy rolling mercy seed that’s sown,
In remarkable, unendingly, phenomenologically,
Unabashed, unutterable, infinite, undeniable



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