Macho Man (Revised)


Macho Man (Revised)

Think paramount,
World war within,
Crept pink allowed,
Soul opened wide
Out fox her in
Him crucified,
She shadowboxed,
She foreskin fixed
Past Lancelot
Post Ice-Capades,
Free recognize
Past Ginny Fizz,
Try tolerant
Try honey shades,
Try history hides
Try luminance
Try rainbows,
Try shadows,
Try ghosted streams,
Try moonbeams
Down the hidey – hide,
Down the widey-widey
Down Dallas way
Down day-glo
Up 4th Street
Where the Gin’s bestow,
Through Ports-mouth,
Past Paramount,
Post politics
Free recognize
Post power mix,
Will rectify,
Glory glory lore
Trippin’ trip time
Down the howdy how,
Down the coral line
Down Palantine’s,
Shocker locker rockers
Strewn brilliantly
The i-ching blocks,
She’s a brain vine,
She’s a fountain twist,
She’s a spawn ride
He’s a salt trade
He’s a glory lory,
He’s a fossil fuel
She’s a brick house,
Hidey honey high
He’s a false trait,
She’s a moon glow,
She’s a never-ever
Ending blossom
Like a ruthless
Bruising hemisphere,
She’s a fortnight,
He’s a main cog
She’s a blame clog,
He’s a line gear
He’s a dog in,
She’s a dandelion
He’s a prophet spoke
He’s a blame line,
She’s a crucifix
She’s a freak sign
She’s an axel blaze
He’s a hot coal,
She’s a rocket fix,
He’s a mainline,
She’s the wire-fire,
Makes them train plow
Makes them back spin
Makes them radar
Profit prophet mix,
Makes them moon walk
Makes them purple haze
Makes them back talk,
Makes them slow flow
Makes them ink dry
Makes them hidey-glide
Makes them sigh forever
Sighing sighing sighing,
Saint Francis,
He’s a howdy dowdy,
She’s a free flow
She’s a form fit
Form recognize
Flow tolerance
Form history hides
Flow the hidey – hide,
Flow the widey tide,
Flow the widey tidey –
For the widey tidey tide:

“Macho maing now,
Macho man,
Macho maing now,
Macho macho macho,
Macho maing now
Macho man,
Macho maing now,
Macho macho macho macho!”


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