Jubilee House


Jubilee House

Great within the great crack I fix
My many vanities, tangled upside in,
Not one yellow error broken won’t break beneath
The veil all wound up in sync,
Sacred sun calamities,
In sunny bright black – out I peace,
Yellow crack in the hack light in back, I think,
By the moon stars gifted back in Hackensack,
With the holy other, silent, father, ring it brings,
Past Mars,
Sweet Marie around,
Endless offering,
In cars, in bars,
Nor do we ever choose
To stay around,
Or to be alone,
A path that hadn’t been
Re-announced at least,
Next time we soon exist
How many flips to toss, or many tossed to flip,
How many times the cost –
To nail the holy wrist –
That cost a holy kiss in a pantheon
Of long lost judgment re-uptake inhabitants –
How many times must we choose
That we be beaten down
Just to be built back up again,
In bliss shorn thorns of timeless emptying,

Those secret, silent promises,
In pseudo-sunday violet darkened deviant
Thunder asunder silence sparkle
Cometh fine the purple King,
And bring the jewels,
Bring geniuses
And morning glory blossoms
And I’l crush them into crystals
That will heal the wounds
Of humankind,
A pre-meditated, pre-medicated
Lack of jealousy, spinning green-leaf free
Like a whirling dervish leading a great red infantry,
Down to Santa Claus,
Of what was,
Is, and what
Was whatever war has gained our mystery,
Behold a well oiled vision
In blood test flooded denizen red,
One holy dreamed surrendered
Present at thee feet above
Six stones beneath the holy lamb of love
Of the lamb, the lamb
Of wine and bread,
Of Christ the King
On sacred ground,
How many sprinkled diamonds land,
Must we chill
At the wine of the Ataman,
Of this circuses funny farm ride,
Though the misty violet rings of
The Crazy Eighth House,
Where human souls left in broken silence
Are alone,
Till the next one scores,
Holy further rings of nebula
Around heart silent star farm ardor adrift
Through the eighth said silent sundry purple subtle
Silent sunny sonar vibrant bells
Sunday brilliant Jubilee House,
In broken emptiness,

And still I fall
Unto you
I sing.

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