Blue Sky

Blue Sky pictures

Blue Sky

We faced the extremes to fathom the highlights –
We fathomed the violet to face the forgetter,
But failed to fathom the yellow we entered
And endlessly everything’s open from open,
That opened the fathoms that fathomed the finite,
And fathomed the bright white in full treasuring gnosis
In ice frosted, red-ribboned, wand sprinkled rubies,
And the hex in the endless remarkable mirrors,
Would witness whatever blue witness would lock up
In eschatologically treasuring charters,
A song that we’re singing inside our inside our,
Or the text that we text when our text is not there,
Down the tide where the time is our tide is our tide
Is our time now,
When the dawn is white lightening
Moon light red rivering and wide,
Where the eye is the eye of the I of the I’s now,
On a mountain that’s higher than higher than highs,
No matter what was, or what’s where, or what’s when then,

Or what’s why, or what’s high, or what’s nigh. or what’s shy now,
Or what oneness is oneness
What fathoms the love
In three tones of oneness
With the blue sky above,

I am the why in the why in the why in the why now,

That wild card gene injected
Into the chromosome, just for luck,
Just for anything,
Turned out to be just the right one,
Far left of everything,

I’m not a gambling man, not any more,
Figured out that spin,
The spin won’t fall to you at all,
If you are not all in,

Why not go to the moon
Enjoy the little things life gives,
And let GOD resolve all the riddles
And puzzles we can’t accept
Again today
As we wander smilingly,
As if intoxicated,
Along the way?

I bow to the universe
I bow to the existence of the existence of,
I bow to the compassionate father,
I bow to the Avatar of avatars of,
I bow to one true pure sweet light –
I bow to the light of the light of
The light of the light of the light of!


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