The King Of Love


The King Of Love

The inner knower
The heart of the soul’s heart,

I argued with the intellectual, the atheist,
The anti-theist, sojourners, governments
Principalities and kings,
I flirted with the debutants of causality,
I settled the dispute
Between Majnun and Layla once and for all,

I was king of the boardwalk and park place,
A master at risk,
A dreamer that dreamed dreams undreamed,
A spellbinder, a cryptic keeper, a slave,
A rattler of runes,

But nothing was settled,
There was no answer –
Everything was just as everything
Ever explained,
Until I was
In less than an instant
By the king of love,
Only then was there the nothing’s
And the everything’s
Nameless name.

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