Default Frequency Algorithmic Syndrome Shuffle Redux In Chains


Default Frequency Algorithmic Syndrome Shuffle Redux In Chains

I’ve stopped thinking of GOD
In a romantic way,
But we haven’t broken up,

I had hopes,
But found out hopes were gorgeous,
But worthless jewels,

GOD ordained stained glass happiness
For a lot less than he bargained for
In his betrothal to a decidedly indigo me,
i could have been someone else’s diamond,
It’s too late now,
I’ll just have to settle
For the default frequency algorithmic syndrome
Shuffle redux in chains,

I got cruel from the third pineal light,
Pushed far out,
Then focused back very close in depth again,
Fought from way back
Maybe six or seven times
Just to learn that punishment
Was the only thing there anyway,
And how it never stoped emanating triumphantly
From its infinitely tiny pointless void,
From its brutal, beautiful black hole dream
From which everything sprung;
Diamond crystal universal flowering flowing,
Free form crazy fountain!

But what good is it to complain?
If my poems and praises didn’t make him happy
Or move him,
How could my complaints?

I lost my sunshine in the pouring rain,
Which, apparently
No longer stops falling, “new rule”
Punching my way out this time
Is no longer much of an option – out to where?
They’re clamping down now,
But keep digging, they told me,
Sometimes you”ll find the unexpected,
And it turns into
The most precious thing in the universe anyway,

Everyone keeps saying,
Hold on to GOD’S daaman, the hem of his robe,
Never let go, that’s where all the miracles come from,
That’s where all the redemptive
Dreamers go,
Keep that door open, be patient, have faith,
Never lose hope,
And it’s a hard, hard climb I know,
But wait until that next time,
When GOD “withholds” even his daaman from your grip,
When there’s less than nothing to hold onto…
Before you cast your next stone.

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