Those Who Keep

The Love Of Money

Those Who Keep

When hunger for the dollar lures one in
And power is the pinnacle to reach,
All bantering with God won’t get you there,
What is the force that one must soon beseech?
Truth wins all quarrels, divvies out the pain
Of which the realization armies preach
Is wisdom with a hook that plucks the brain
Unto the docile plumage of the leach
That sucks until the capillaries squeak
And nestles unbeknownst to those who care
Upon the hearts of loneliness and fear
When emptiness becomes the thing that’s shared
Many a lion roams the jungle’s depths
And pounces on the planes of sweet release,
But only those who’ve sold their can know
The hungers of a lion without teeth,

Look deep within and know the open rose,
The fragrance bursting sweet with inner peace
A thousand times the wealth of one who has,
A million times more joy
Of those who keep.

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