A hexagon is a rudimentary circle,
The hexagonal building blocks of nature
Merely reflect a circular origin and dynamic,
All circles being “infintagons”.

A sphere is a three dimensional circle.
A time loop is a transdimensional circle.
Everything is some kind of circle, or bubble,
Existence being a bubble among bubbles,
Spherical flotillas coursing onward
To infinite circularity,

God is a circle
In every permutation imaginable,
And the only thing that is other
Than some form of circle,
Or a non-circle,

God is the Pi of all circles,
And connects every circle that ever was, is,
Or ever will be, to every other circle that ever was,
Is, or will be,

God is, in addition, a dot,
Which is a weightless, massless, spaceless circle,
From which existence was born,
Exploding through the circular womb of the ineffable mind,
Smaller than a particle, or a photon,
Which are also circles,

Even nothing is a circle,
With invisible circularity,
Forever returning to its own nowhere,

God is a circle composed of
Infinite circles
Playing all kinds of music;
Incentivizing circular dances,
In endlessly sublime forms of
Endlessly sublime circularity,
All in color,
Which differentiates circles
By vibrating at different frequencies
Of circularly emitted intertwined white.

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