The Hunger Strike


The Hunger Strike

I sat down wanting to get
All the shit that had to be done, swept away,
And then I started feeling guilty
For writing you this poem,
Then asked myself
Which is better,
Continuing my shit,
Or writing you this poem?

As I opted for the latter
I realized I forgot, of course,
What I initially wanted to write to you about,
Which is frustrating and pisses me off,
But don’t worry –
Only in a mild, transient way,

The agony of the deep life,
The agony of having to admit defeat,
The agony of the crucifix,
The agony of the one fix I raise
One glass to the thunderstruck –
To the thunderstruck
On the hunger strike,
On the hunger strike
Void of the bread of life,

Who needs porn
If you have half a brain?
It’s like a children’s coloring book
For the bored and boring,
Beautiful people are walking around everywhere,
What can’t you imagine?
And yes I’m judging,
So don’t judge me –
Judges can’t be judged,

Just another addiction,
One that kills relationships, marriages,
Turning what you don’t, or even what you already have
Into a worship platform
Where the idol of material, magazine flesh
Diminishes the beauty of the magnanimity
Of who we really are, of who everyone is,
Of what the inestimable soul conveys,
Inestimable by worth, inestimable by birth, inestimable
By death,

The problems in the world aren’t its people,
The problems arise
From what our chosen self-devistatations manifest.

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