Divine Whim Providence


Divine Whim Providence

I used to think
There was only one woman,

That if you treat
One woman wrongly,
The next woman
Would get you back for it,
In spades,

Now, I’ve suddenly realized,
It’s not that there’s “only one woman”,
It’s really that there’s “only one person”,

I’ve discovered the language
Of the synapse,
The golden wine,
The long champagne,
The speed of thought,
The evolution of awareness,

But then there’s another governing body,
Taking notes, harboring decisions,
Processing claims,
Compiling composites,
Structuring random, far gone critiques,
Scrutinizing the un-obvious;
Calculating each involuntary twitch of a nerve,
And ultimately,
A more formidable
Kingdom of awareness
Than we are generally made privy to,

So, I naturally concluded,
That there is only one GOD,
Truth is it’s name,
And eternally sacred
It’s mind-blowing manifestation.

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