Jeux Avec Des Frontières


Jeux Avec Des Frontières

We are more than a memory,
Or a memory forgotten
In time,
We stand on a pyramid
Atop shoulders,
The shoulders of heroes and murderers,
Saints and sinners all,

In each of our ancestries somewhere,
There are saints and beggars,
Philanthropists and scoundrels,
The best and worst of man and womankind,
And all that’s between,

In the end
There is no meaning to race or ethnicity,
To have gotten this far
We would have to have been
Some rare vintage humans all,

We are brothers and sisters each,
Surfing on the crest wave of consummate existence-ship;
Infused with the burden and freedom of eternal love,

The moonbeams encased,
The mystical, magical, wild,
Nature green bounteous oneness eye,
Glowing with an all together blueness,

Was GOD really betrayed by a human kiss?
No two things were created,
That one of them must always, sometimes,
Never come to die,
Another imprisonment,
Masking illegitimate reverberations in ecstasy,
Hiding the mind,
But where is the mind?
Sweet illusive ongoing undying mystery
Of magnificent Maya,

We are the Alpha, the Omega,
From the whimpering of the initial human child
To the raised emblazoned star-ward fist
Of the final human soul.

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