Not Just Diamonds


Not Just Diamonds

Not just diamonds
Caked over with the processes of millennia,
But diamonds that shine wildly,

Like God loves exceptional things
Because he himself is exceptional beyond knowing,
So he sprinkles humanity with a sparsity of stars
So the soul might understand
The intrinsic nature within itself,
And the antitheses of that nature,

We are called to be perfect to please God
But no one is perfect,
We are called to be beautiful to delight God,
But why stop there?
Why not startle him with our beauty,
Wake him up,

But we are all sinners,
Stumbling about the cosmic sphere,
Crashing, writhing, crawling, begging,
We are poor, natural creatures,
Invited to the wedding feast,
Called to dress nice,
To clean up well,

God expects results!
The pressure is on!
Ram it onto 4th,

Don’t just sit there and say,
“Yeah, I’m a sinner, but guess what? So is everybody else.”
And let that be your excuse, your out,
Because everybody sins doesn’t mean we have a free ticket to give up.
On the contrary,
Each and every one of us is called to greatness, even Sainthood,
However impossible and impractical it may appear to be,

It’s easy to say,
“Yes, I sin, but God forgives me.”
And make no effort to progress,
That’s par for the course,
God wants birdies, eagles,
And hole in ones of samadhi,

God gets upset with a lukewarm nonchalanters,

Sleepers awake!
Light a fire!
Burn for freedom!
Here is our chance!
Reach for everything beyond,
So that we might become everything within,

Stun God!
Make Him believe in you!
Put a smile on his face!

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