Waltzing Incognito To The Buffet


Waltzing Incognito To The Buffet

We’re here,
We might as well gobble up God,
That’s why we’re putzing around down here in the first place,
Why be bashful?

God holds a secret place in his heart
For his gamblers, con artists and risk takers,
For those hungry enough to take a chance
Once in awhile,

And sometimes
GOD wants to be courted and sparked, even swindled;
Very much amused
By a little flirtation and foreplay,
Quite the aficionado of novelty
And clever surprises,

Show a little swagger, a little confidence sometimes,
Even if we’re only comfortable
Wandering surreptitiously to the buffet,
We’ve at least done something,

If we just sit there, lallygagging,
Hoping he will come and serve us,
He may, or he may not,
But as is the predilection of yin,
He prefers that we put it all on the line, and go,
If only to make sure, if only as a test,
And without having to ask,

Look, God is no hors d’oeuvre,
No side of mushrooms fried in butter,
He is a full course feast of infinite delicacies
At the wedding feast of the eternal,
He returns our love most powerfully
When we desire him with a tasty
Delicately sautéed longing,
Nestled in a fiery hot habanero sauce of desire,
From a hungry heart ready to explode
Into abundant cornucopias of wonder,
As he floods the space made vacant
By our withdrawal
From the trinkets of phenomenological allurement,
Replacing them with the swollen golden rivers
Of polyunsaturated love.

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