Maybe there’s only a 3.32% chance you’ll ever love me,
But I’ll take those odds, and bet,

Maybe there’s a 73.2% chance that I’m delusional,
Some told me 95.4215%,
Some just cried,
But I’m in line at the wager window now
Of the money changers,

Even if I won
But it would only last 9.1876534 days –
I’d take it, in a heart beat,

Maybe gambling this way
Will land me in jail,
Handcuffed ankles and wrists in a box
But there’s a 98.192% chance that stopping means
Nothing but nothing;
And jail would be like paradise compared,

Maybe I’m not sensible, not rational,
A dreamer, a fool, a stargazer, a long shot,

But I believe in you;
Even when
There might be
Zero percent odds
I’ll ever win your love.

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