Beautiful Delusions


Beautiful Delusions

I spent a day with my friends yesterday
And had a great time in NYC, as in

“Manahactanienk” meaning “place of inebriation”
As the Indians once called it
Sold to the whites
For a few boxes of trinkets
And some strange smoking flowers,
And you know, those things
That both protect you
And kill you,
Just like everything else,

And those huge rocks in Central Park
Were greatly awesome,
We went to this wild art museum,
The best Chinese restaurant ever,
And don’t think I’ve ever seen
So many beautiful women
In one place in my entire life,
And I’m no spring chicken,

But my friends pulled the rug out
From underneath
My delusions concerning you,
I got a huge dose of serious sense from them,
Which I greatly resented
And argued against
Loudly and with plenty of expressive hands,

After I was home alone
And both happy from the fun
And depressed because of their
Strong dose of super leaded reality,
I realized,

I’m happier delusional,
Who wants to be miserable and look at stark reality
All the time, whatever stark reality is?

Now it’s going to take me at least
About 36 hours
To build all that beautiful delusion
Back up again,

And in addition,
I’m not so sure it’s delusion anyway,
And their serious insistent ideologies haven’t thwarted
My love for you
In the least, anyway,

So there.

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