I Follow Jesus


I Follow Jesus

A country that eradicates God
And religious practice from its culture,
Is a country that grants absolute power
To its government
And whoever the powerful elite are
Who rule it’s government,

A government now of the rich,
By the rich
And for the rich,

Freedom of the press is a time honored right
Of the American people,
But if the media is controlled by one percent of the population,
Then the value of said freedom becomes highly questionable,
It’s not that the media is lying necessarily,
It’s just that it’s focus is meant
To deflect attention away from the most important issues,
Supplying half truths
Mixed with misinformation
Meant to incite emotional infighting,
Creating rage mixed with helplessness and numbness,
Often resulting in a simmering apathy,
Which is exactly where America’s oligarchy
Wants us to be, helpless;
Blaming each other for everything under the sun
While hiding and coddling the true movers and shakers
In an oblivion of misguided sympathies and manufactured passions,

It just depends on what corrupt indoctrination system we’ve chosen
To obey,
CNN or Fox?

Me? I follow Jesus,
I can handle the truth.

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