To Rise For


To Rise For

Faith isn’t always blind,

Those with meager faith
Usually perceive those so endowed
As being hopelessly hoodwinked,
Pie in the sky hopefuls,
Afraid to recognize humankind’s imminent futility,
Or, just afraid of death,
Depending on what school,

But faith is complex,
It take’s willpower, it takes release,
It’s often a struggle,
It contains a constant questioning of self,
And wrestles with the frequent specter of doubt,

It’s hope all gussied up for the soirée,

It’s stubborn, it’s optimistic, it’s ornery, it persists,
It’s the fuel that powers the furnace
Of boundless love,

It’s the music the cosmos plays
Beneath its massive expanse,

It refuses to give up,
Not because it’s justified,
But because it’s what gives us hope in each other,

Now there’s something to live for,
Something to die for,
Something to suffer for,
And to rise for.

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