Sometimes we look at things
And attention gets sucked in,
Sometimes we look at things
And attention explodes,

I don’t need someone’s sympathy
To bring her cold hungry beauty
Back alive inside me,

The ice melts
From the fire within,

Why must we always give up everything
To get what we want?
Valuable as this time alone has been,

I was sheltered,
I didn’t know the world was hard,
That it was supposed to be hard,
I went from rags to riches to rags to riches to rags,
I dreamed the dreams that young men dream, come on,
I was seven realms away, a couple of darshans away,
And then this sun let me choose,
Made me think I was a boy again,
And then again
I’ve had my moments
Cavorting, bragging, pontificating
As with the drama
Of existence
In a mausoleum of beauty
With each truth toward a woe begotten Masterpiece
Of Oneness,
From the executive manner – hear ye, hear ye,
Everyone has to die,
What we always remember we always forget,
I didn’t escape life, I escaped death,

Now who am I following?

I roll the dice and roll the dice again,
A puppet or a Picasso,
I’m in your blood like holy dopamine
A smoldering ember
Of wild synaptic wine, high test only,
Burning its bubbling nobility outward
Into the blue and broken silences of reasoned night,
Sparking endlessly into the intimate black voids of desperate sky,
But every dream wakes in error,
And triggers a secret alarm,

They’ll arrest you when you think a thought
They’ve already purchased
And own
But you can re-purchase your own ideas,
With a license to think them,
Thereby you may request less punishment,

Or grow a seed
Preempting a GOD they don’t believe in,
With biased, bigoted laws
With the usual charm, diplomacy and swagger,
Aren’t they lucky they can blame you?
Turning his house of prayer
Into a nest of famished vipers _ that bite, that red,
You must know

You’re an easy woman to fall prey to,
Do everyone a favor –
Don’t commit suicide,
Because you’ll have to live it all out
Again anyway.

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