One Thing Required


One Thing Required

Many have tried to deconstruct him,
To break him down,
To compartmentalize him
To pigeon hole him

Many have drawn from ancient texts
Pointed out contradictions and discrepancies,
Formed leagues and associations
With the specific objective being his disproval and denial

Many have gone to their deathbed assured that he cannot exist,
Governments have made him illegal
And gone so far as to prosecute, even exterminate
Those who name his name

They laugh at him nervously, nudging each others ribs and winking
In the comforting worship
Of so called free thought and contemporary ideology

Many delight in whatever tickles their ears
And run chasing the phantoms of jaded intellectual prophets
Down the primrose path to emptiness,

Many cry out, if he exists where is he?
They receive in return an echoed silence
In hallowed caverns of their deluxe craniums,

Many have listened to whispers and slander, believed it
And now not only deny, but defy him with more zeal than a believer,

Many think they will one day become him,
Or be equivalent to him, or even greater than him,

Many claim that teaching your children that he exists
Is a form of child abuse,

Many would like to scourge him, crown him with thorns
And hang him on a tree,
To prove he is just a delusion of the pathetically weak.

Many have used him, gained their gifts, then walked away,

Many feigned worship in robotic subservience to his precepts,
But never tasted the sweet anomaly that is his hidden wine,

Hey Romeo!

He is the prism from which a billion angels resonate
In ongoing polyphonies never before heard,
Yet the one who created us requires but one thing
For those dancing in the drunken courtyard,
’Neath the star swept twilight
At the wedding celebration of life,

That one thing is love,

And love is all that matters,
Nothing else does.

6 thoughts on “One Thing Required

    1. Don’t quite understand what you mean relative to this particular poem. What stories are you referring to? Who loves whom? Might you mean the Bible and GOD? If so, may I respectfully suggest that you may be pigeon holing me prematurely? If not, I don’t have any idea what you mean, but would love to hear your explanation.


      1. There GOD Is

        We have to figure out a way
        To worship GOD
        Without insulting GOD,

        Sometimes that requires going to church,
        Sometimes that requires staying home
        In a highfalutin proclamation of the following message:

        “Fools go to church, why?
        Because GOD is everywhere, brah,
        Why waste the gas?”

        Everywhere or not,
        Here GOD is,
        Ready or not
        Here GOD comes,
        Running outside from within,
        Where we may hide or think we’re hiding,
        But GOD always finds us,
        Like a bloodhound from heaven –
        GOD knows our scent,

        Sometimes the must deny GOD,
        Sometimes we must,
        Make GOD our only lover,

        Let GOD be the Judge,
        Don’t judge for GOD,
        Stop putting words in GOD’s mouth,
        You’ll piss GOD off,
        That’s GOD with a
        G – Generating,
        O – Organizing,
        And D – Destroying,

        Eager for our advancement,
        Where it’s advisable not to give GOD an excuse
        Or we be so arrogant
        Ans to force GOD to love us
        Into some unbridled, agonized, advanced push,
        Before we can even handle
        The crushing weight of the dawn of a new day,

        Sometimes GOD is an atheist,
        Sometime atheists love GOD
        More than true believers,
        Sometimes atheists are better people
        Than church goers,
        Sometimes homosexuals are better people
        Than altar servers,

        Sometimes GOD is a woman,
        Sometimes GOD is a man,
        Sometimes GOD is a devil,
        Sometimes an angel,
        Sometimes GOD is a pontiff pontificating,
        Sometimes an unseen love dog
        Burning with the all consuming fire of love,

        Everybody needs different things at different times,
        But don’t worry, be happy,
        GOD takes care of everything,
        Or at least that’s what I believe currently,
        Finding no sound reason to doubt,
        Especially when science or strict provable materialism
        Accounts for only about .000001% of what is, or known,


        There GOD is.


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