I’ll Be Home For Christmas


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I went to the crowded mall at Christmas
And saw thousands of lost and lonely souls
And suddenly realized what it meant when Jesus looked out at the crowd
And was moved with pity,
The mall is the realm of deep darkness
Of which the Avatar is the only light

I said to myself,
These are not zombies. They’re not robots or drones,
They’re jivatmas,
All longing in their own way
To come home to their Creator,
All searching for that elusive happiness
Just out of sight

What could I do?
Maybe if I had a megaphone
I could stand at the top of one of the escalators
And make that time honored prophecy:

“You won’t find your happiness here,
Go home to your loved ones
And repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand,
Beg God tor his precious mercy,
Teach your family to pray to love one another,
And offer this brief stop at the waylaid station
To the King of the Universe!”

But instead I went home
And spoke with the woman next door,
Pushing 90,
She has a big snowman and an elf on either side of her door
And peeking inside I saw a stack of presents half way up the wall
And a blur of red and green sparkling from inside
And the smell of pine and artificial spray snow wafting outward,
And she brags to me how her 65 year old daughter bought her a TV for Christmas
And asks me if I want her old one, which is still good
And I realize she probably has more Christmas spirit in her pinky
Than I have in my entire body

Then I say to myself,

Hey Romeo!

Loosen up a little,
Let the people have fun,mall
Maybe that’s what God wants on his birthday
After all.

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