I know you hold me
In one of your fanciest compartments

I see it’s made of engraved gold and marble,
Saints and saviors are etched deeply in its walls

In the moonlight it glows with an occult charm,
In the sunlight it shines with a pristine sanctity
Prompting angels and devas to hover and stare

Outside, the violet, red and yellow wildflowers
Butterfly against the deep blue sky,
A small path leads through it’s lavish garden
To rich rosewood doors
With brass and ivory handles

Engraved in the rosewood is the following epitaph:

“Here lies Romeo
Who loved you mistakenly,
But is the better for it.”

If you ever ventured to open the doors
To this elaborate tomb
You would be shocked to discover
An empty bed made of sparkling sapphires and pearls,
And I would tap you on the shoulder from behind
And say,

“Here is Romeo
Who loves you, and always will”.

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