Red Dragons


Red Dragons

In luxurious daylights
Resurrections of gray –
With new boldness in splendored
Panoramas of praise;
A trillion eyes deepened
With fractured light beam
From the rupture leaked
From the photosynthetically green streams
Of bright golden yellow sunshiny rays
Wistfully basking
In jagged fissures of tireless
Space with holy love’s obedience and grace
From the indigo bleakness
Leaks in the list of lost’s loneliest souls
In 23 bright golden arrogant rungs,
For whom the bell tolls,

Not the amethyst ecstasy
Mystically hewn,
Nor in diaphanous praises
Pallor to the grooves of ivory bone,
But ripe with the formless white cracks
Deepening rift,
In defiant branching of triad in new strains
Leaning in toward a deep purple kiss,
Through the raspberry wilds
With new money hacked winds
And the cozy militant warmth of bitcoin,
As faith she so desperately yearns to enjoy,
For life’s heightened new bastions
And meaningless ploys,
Ever more unravelled in the gloaming of souls,
Love poems rambling, roaming, and racing,
Yonders of yonders thick
In a star farms fervid ardor,
Cresting at the brink of a shorelines blue skies
Flying high on the freedom of abandonments wings
Through the violet blue love fire
Snow white radiance sings
A lost fate lobotomy of a human worthless flower,
In an unbridled affront to sound reasoning power
From a holster was held a dangerous hair-trigger gun,
In a race for the purest of novelties – fun
A soul never wanders,
A soul never dies
A soul never cowers,
A soul never sours
The dark whims of overly emotional decision making
And the reactive types of over emotional responses,
We went out and the lunar limb
Blessed and young blue moon
Joys of freedom trick traces
In the dark night of the soul
Deep in a fiery free spiritual bloom,
Lost in the consequential doom
Found in the deepening afterglow,
A bright shadow’s dream witness
A brazenly new fissured bright creviced
Cracking through the fiery rift,
In the technicality of hopelessness, on a new sacred drift
Lost in entanglement, wired with a record of danger
Deep in a box of crazy words strewn,
Scrambled without any hope of new clues
Wild alien sex
With a few harmless flowers
Novel weed stoked in nobility towers
On the heightened high wire of electrical juice
In the throws are the demons of constant abuse
In need of the trust that can skedaddle both ways,
Gambled love’s loneliness in impossible ways
Frozen in mental lights burned into dust
By the depth of one’s soul
With the flames of our deep co-regenerative whole
In the flame of ones fire
In the fire of one’s soul
In the helplessness and hopelessness of the coffin box,
Or the durability of a pair of crusty sox…
In the loss of lost fame never found now to lose,
In all games and future games forward
The angry red dragons insatiable hunger
In the rich hallowed halls of great wisdom and wonder,

When does your stalker
Turn into your lover?
When does your stranger turn into
Your sweetest night,
I live at the transformation,
I wait for you as you wait for me,
This is the only secret and aways has been,

I’ll never let you go.

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