The Peerless Coquette


The Peerless Coquette

Science has decreed
That the universe
Is made of, waves, photons, quarks,
Gluons, atoms, scintillas, sparks
And any of a grand number
Of newly uncalibrated quanta,

The same particle can exist in our presence
As well as a million galaxies away, simultaneously.
What are your lovers to do
When science becomes larger than itself,
Even bigger than you,
Challenging the perpetuity of your grace
In attempts to diminish
Your incomprehensible incomprehensibility?

Hey Romeo!

The day will come
When all mass and its origin
Will be found to be
The radiating winds of perpetual bliss
Born of the initial broken silence,
Mouthed with our own soul’s
Unique manifestation
As its source and origin,

When all scientists will be mystics
And all mystics, scientists,
When the utmost power
Will be known to have no waves or particles,
When humankind will be considered as much, much more
Than randomly synchronized, subatomic jostling,
When this secret, irreproachable bliss will be transparent,
And when what is inmost and divine
Will be proven beyond question,

In the meantime,
The mind is the wishing gem that fulfills all longing,
And is simultaneously the barrier
That makes all longing nil,
If you don’t give up all this thinking and non-thinking,
How will you win the peerless coquette?

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