Beam Me Up Scottie


Beam Me Up Scottie

When we can travel back in time,
And solve the great riddle of gravity,
Then, and only then,
Will we be capable
Of reassembling our molecular body,
Or, what’s currently referred to as, “Bilocation”, or
“Beam me up Scottie”, if you will,

A yogic siddhi found described
In the Vedas and the Sutras,
By Pantanjali, the Perfect Masters, By Sufi Masters, the Gurus,
Catholic Saints, American Indian Sorcerers,
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,
For a very long time,

Much like a fax machine,

Reassembling the physical entity, as in
The recipient of the fax, Padre Pio,
At which point,
If everything is functioning to perfection, Don Juan,
Consciousness is transmitted (or a facsimile thereof)
By the recipient body, Saint Anthony of Padua?
Echoing beyond the mystical body, the outer core, the tetrahedron,
And around the space/time continuum,
As in Thomas Pynchon’s love Against the Day.

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