The Heart Is Brave


Excerpt from
Psalms Of The Heart (A Declaration Of Love)


The heart is brave…
It embraces the wounds of life like a fearless warrior,
It fights the most impossible villains, and wins!
There is no obstacle that can withstand the
Love of God—
God sits in the heart, and rules life from its throne.
Where there is love, there is the courage to
Destroy all fear—
Courage to dare, and confidence to succeed!
You want God? Look in your Heart…
There sits God,
With the keys to the unknown dangling from
His wrist, tempting you!
Look in your Heart, and in the Heart of all mankind…
There sits God! Where the vessel of the Almighty
Pours endlessly!
Become this vessel of love my darling —
Become the healing balm of humanity.
You are capable.
Only by accepting another’s suffering
Are you granted these keys,
Only by healing the pain of others
Are the doors of heaven wrung ajar.
Says the Guru,
You are my sickness and my cure,
You, who live in my heart
And cool the maniacal fire of my mind,
Have mercy on me,
Have mercy on my love.

© 1978 Anthony Giammattei


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