A Celebration of Mother Earth


A Celebration of Mother Earth,

From “Psalms of the Heart (A Declaration of Love)” 1978:


I love the earth – the soil –
The rich, black, earth soil,
I love to smell it, and feel it,
Crumble in my hands,
And squeeze it between my fingers,
I love to plant in the earth
Good seeds – for the earth is my heart –
I plant good seeds there,
I give them water so they will grow
Into good plants,
I give them dedication
So each part of life will know
That my harvest is due, that I’ve earned
My harvest –
And I love to earn
For in the process of earning
My garden becomes an altar – a place of worship,
My sweat becomes holy water,
My toil becomes religion
And my harvest is what heals –
What is to share


To see a flower from the heart
Is to first be a seed waiting to grow,
Is to unfurl from within, stretching up
For the light,
Is to earn your roots from the sun, rain, and soil,
Is to blossom, and to smile,
Is to eat the sunshine, and laugh
At the sight
Of the bugs and the bees
As you barter your nectar
And they awaken your seed,
Is to dance in the wind
And bow to the weather
When the leaves start to fall
And the sun is less wide,
Is to ceaselessly shout what the world can’t remember –
“All the beauty God offers is simple to find!”

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