Joe worked hard for us kids,
He dragged that god damned oil hose
Up many a long driveway or lawn,
Fighting off the damn dogs,
In winter,
Back when it really snowed,

So I forgive him
For sleeping in his chair most nights,
My mom working,
Us kids raising hell,
Waking him up,

And being pissed at us for it,

Sometimes to the point

Of chasing us down the hall

With belt in hand,

And giving us the good ole crackeroo,


What he didn’t know,

And in his rage

He forgot to put his glasses on,

Was that we had gotten face

Down in the spanking bed

Before he could get there,

And padded our hineys

With magazines underneath our jam jams,

And we screamed appropriately,

On every whip, and felt nothing,

And he never knew,

But I wouldn’t have ever wanted,
To walk a mile in his shoes,
Would never wish it on myself,
Or anyone else,

So forgive people for Christ’s sake!


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