In the shallows of dominion’s sea,
Where the plus and minus danced and wept;
Did Jesus rise?
Does anything exist beyond all being?
Is your intoxicating bouquet
An ancient ghost;
The sky, a transcendent corona blessed?

Does the Holy Spirit fly within me?
Or some freak phantom
Out of my mind?
Or a dream filled bud on a branching tree
From a trillion correct aberrations guessed,
Unfurling into the garden’s core?
Am I a perfect apple kept?
Perfection born of a myriad blind tries,
The apple of GOD’s marigold eyes,
Does Beelzebub’s serpent bite into me?

Or is this just another midnight waltz,
Nothing other
Than a star ridden bloom
Of my own randomly designed
Sequential gold,
Electrically charged,
Fantasia fest?

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